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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rome in 1 minute!

This 1 minute video highlights the stunning architecture and sights of Rome.

To the visitor what stands out is how world famous monuments - unlike, say, Paris -  are tucked away between narrow streets as everyday life surrounds them as it has done for 1000 years.

Lonely Planet writes that Rome may no longer be caput mundi (capital of the world), but Rome is an epic, bubbling-over metropolis harbouring lost empires. One visit and you’ll be hooked.

Rome has a glorious monumentality that it wears without reverence. Its architectural heirlooms are buzzed around by car and Vespa as if they were no more than traffic islands.

The city bombards you with images: elderly ladies with dyed hair chatting in Trastevere; priests with cigars strolling the Imperial Forums; traffic jams around the Colosseum; plateloads of pasta in Piazza Navona; sinuous trees beside the Villa Borghese; barrages of pastel-coloured scooters revving up at traffic lights as if preparing for a race.

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  1. Rome is today very much how I imagine it was in the days of the Roman Empire. Hussle and bussle, a den of eniquity, a dolly mixture of stunning masterpieces and grotty urban scapes all rolled into one.

  2. To me Rome sums up what being Italian is: passionate, messy, urgent, yet somewhat sexy.

    Whereas Paris is decidedly French: tidy, spacious, classy, considered